25 famous cultural figures received awards in Southern Kazakhstan (PHOTO)

25 famous cultural figures received awards in Southern Kazakhstan (PHOTO)

13 December, 09:56 259
25 famous cultural figures received awards in Southern Kazakhstan (PHOTO)

In honor of the 22 of 25 star days devoted to culture and spirituality, poets, writers, film directors and editors who made the significant contribution to social and spiritual development of society were awarded a special award in the amount of 500,000 tenge from head of the region Zhanseit Tuimebayev, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

The head of the region congratulated the audience on anniversary of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and noted importance of carrying out a holiday at a meeting with the creative intellectuals. 

"South Kazakhstan citizens make a big contribution in prosperity of our country. The welfare of our people improves and the area economy develops dynamically from year to year. These achievements are result of cultural workers activities. Work should be rewarded. For this purpose, I award a special prize to the workers who made the significant contribution to cultural development and spirituality. Now it will be annually handed in Day of cultural workers," Zhanseit Tuimebayev said.

Singer and musician Tatyana Burmistrova is among winners today. She performs the best Kazakh kyui by dombra for many years in a row and has a great number of fans of the creativity. Tatyana Nikolayevna shares that received money are not the main thing, the main is the fact that her creativity is remembered and not disregarded.

"To us money is necessary for our self-expression. I would like to make pleasant to the people who I met and of course to my mother," Tatyana Nikolayevna said.

The mayor of region congratulated staff of circus on the 5th anniversary and handed keys from the Mersedes Benz-Sprinter at the action which took place in "Ontustik Tsirk" building,

In the end of a festive event, actor of regional Kazakh drama theater of Shanin Nurken Orynbekov read the open letter which is written by representatives of the intellectuals and cultural workers of the Southern Kazakhstan region to President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

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