AIFC staff to be trained in UK

AIFC staff to be trained in UK

16 February, 10:30 258 Astana
AIFC staff to be trained in UK

In the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan there was a meeting with Professor Paul Boyle, President of the University of Leicester. The purpose of the visit was to discuss prospects for cooperation on the training of AIFC staff, which will operate on the basis of common law (English law), correspondent reports.

The University of Leicester expressed interest in strengthening the effectiveness of the training of Kazakhstan students wishing to enter the UK universities.

"Under today's talks we discussed the specialized English studying on the basis of the Academy of public administration. We understand that civil servants are required high skills, in particular in English language. As our University is one of the largest language centers in the UK, we would expect to start short-term training courses in the near future,” Professor Paul Boyle said.

He also noted that the meeting discussed the studying of English law for AIFC.

"We could consider not only the training of judges, but also legal practitioners. As it is known, Kazakhstan students study in many universities of the UK, of course, we would be interested in providing our education directly in Kazakhstan,” Paul Boyle said.

The executive Director of AIFC Sayasat Nurbek reported that two programs for training center were developed.

"Today we have two training programs for the legal practitioners through Bolashak scholarship based on TheCityUK London Corporation. There are four our students there. The second program is the British legal community- the British Law Society, there will be 15 people. In April the seven-month retraining program for judges and legal practitioners will start especially for AIFC and Arbitration Centre,” S. Nurbek said.

Upon the completion of the talks, the sides agreed to consider opening the language school on the basis of the Academy, with the participation of the University of Leicester; the creation of educational programs to train specialists for the AIFC; organizing of short internships for students of the University of Leicester based on the Academy.

It is planned to open the Foundation program for students wishing to enter the Leicester University and other universities of the UK, as well as open a branch of the British University law school on the basis of the Academy.

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