Ambassadors: Kazakhstan develops so quickly that we forget about age of country (PHOTO)

Ambassadors: Kazakhstan develops so quickly that we forget about age of country (PHOTO)

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Ambassadors: Kazakhstan develops so quickly that we forget about age of country (PHOTO)

This year Kazakhstan celebrates significant date – 25 years of independence. Our country began to present politically independent state since December 16, 1991. Foreign diplomats are impressed with rate of development of the country and its potential.

A lot of sense is covered in the word "independence": protection of the borders, the peaceful relations with all countries of the world, refusal of a nuclear armory, entry into number of the most competitive countries of the world, trusting and clear relationships between the nations and religions, rises and recessions of economy. Besides creation pof Eurasian Economic Union, entry of Kazakhstan into the World Trade Organization, membership in the UN Security Council.

At a boundary of 25 years Kazakhstan have something to say to the world and something to be proud of. Famous experts know each initiative of head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev.

What experts think about Kazakhstan? Here is an review of correspondent.

Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Kazakhstan Mikhail Bocharnikov:

On the base of 25 years of independence Kazakhstan began to develop surely thanks to model of interethnic concord. Using this model, Kazakhstan could achieve results in the social and economic development, in strengthening of the international authority. It is extremely important measure for any state and I should assure you that Russia being the multinational state too, observes with huge attention what happening in Kazakhstan in this plan. For these years the specific embodiment received the Eurasian integration which was offered and proved by N. Nazarbayev. What Kazakhstan do in strengthening of peace and harmony today is very important.

Ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Yao Peyshen:

Kazakhstan is the big country in the square, but small in population. Kazakhstan is considered the "big" country on style of diplomacy and a maturity, on the achieved objectives and on popularity. 25 years of independence are a big event for the country, traversed path was hard. Here a lot of things are made for years of independence, it is the whole property of the nation. President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has played a crucial role in formation and development of the country and we can talk endlessly about it.

Ambassador of Norway in Kazakhstan Ole Johan Berna:

Kazakhstan performed a number of large-scale questions for the short to historical measures term, for example, the country completely refused nuclear weapon. Kazakhstan did not cease to reach new tops for long years, year after year. Independence gave the chance to follow a new way of development. The country achieved serious progress for a short time. The birth of the young capital of Kazakhstan - Astana became a bright embodiment of prosperity of the strong state.

Ambassador of Canada in Kazakhstan Sean Perry Stayl:

Diplomatic relations of our countries reaches 25 years. Kazakhstan impressively develops. Sometimes it develops so quickly that we forget about age of the country. We have high expectations. We support Kazakhstan in these undertakings. All state programs which develop in Kazakhstan are of great interest, in particular Strategy Kazakhstan 2050. Strategy Kazakhstan 2050 is the long-term program of planning and development of the country. The purposes which are painted in "Kazakhstan 2050" programs and the Plan of the nation for entry into TOP-30 of developed countries of the world confers the heavy responsibility not only for the government of Kazakhstan, but for Kazakhstan citizens.

Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Kazakhstan Matschej Lang:

This year Kazakhstan celebrates the 25 anniversary of Independence which is significant date. I watched development of Kazakstan since the beginning of its basis. For the first time I have arrived to Kazakhstan in 1996, so many years later I can tell what the country has achieved. It is an excellent opportunity to congratulate all Kazakhstan citizens.

Today, it is possible to tell with pride that in 25 years of independence Kazakhstan showed serious progress in the economic development. The decree of president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev about closing of Semipalatinsk Test Site became the important historical and symbolical point of the first year of independence of Kazakhstan.

Head of the center for studying of the interethnic and interfaith relations in the Central Asian region of a state administration Academy under the President of Kazakhstan Aigul Sadvokasova listed stages of development of the Kazakhstan identity.

By the way, there are a lot of current actions holding for 25 year of independence, for example the republican share of Assembly of Kazakhstan people "Tauelsiz Kazakhstan" train devoted to the 25 anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan.

According to organizers, "Tauelsiz Kazakhstan" train within 43 days will visit 35 settlements in all regions of the country and will finish its work on December 14 in Almaty. Work of the train will cover all social groups, special attention will be paid to socially vulnerable segments of the population, veterans of the Second World War, inhabitants of the remote settlements of the country.

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