Amount of loans on one active entity in Kazakhstan exceeds 40 million tenge

Amount of loans on one active entity in Kazakhstan exceeds 40 million tenge

22 December, 10:21 213 Astana
Amount of loans on one active entity in Kazakhstan exceeds 40 million tenge

The credit resource became a support of growth of small business. For a year (October, 2015-2016) the amount of loans grew by one active company by 1.5 times - from 15.5 to 23.6 million tenge. The most debt capable sector - the industry (48.2 million tenge). In a year the average loan grew by 40%, reported.

The amount of loans on one actively entity in trade in a year grew directly twice - to 40.2 million tenge. The difference between average checks of the resource-intensive industry and high-speed trade constituted only 20% (the previous year there were 67%).

The credit portfolio of the small business occupied in the industry increased by 35.8% a year, to 380.1 billion tenge following the results of October, 2016 (13.1% of all small business of Kazakhstan BSL).

Banks are guided by more high-speed trade therefore urgent need of a industrial sector in available means is provided by state support. So, on three main channels fund "Damu" following the results of October 224.7 billion tenge are sent to the industry - it is 50.7% of all injections in Kazakhstan economy from "Damu" fund within this directions.

Three key channels of support of Kazakhstan economy by "Damu" fund:

- Subsidizing of a rate of remuneration within the Single program "BRM 2020";

- Guaranteeing on the credits within the Single program "BRM 2020";

- The program of the caused investment of funds in BSL for further crediting of subjects of private entrepreneurship.

Data on "Damu" fund are provided as of 01.10.2016

The loan portfolio of a segment of wholesale and retail trade, and also car repairs and motorcycles, in a year grew directly by 89.6%, to 1.12 trillion tenge (these are 38.7% of all amount of the credits of BSL to small business). Banks willingly warm up loans the trade sphere interesting to the credit market thanks to short terms of equity turnover.

The public sector also helps the small companies occupied in wholesale and retail sales - from strategic line items they create the market for real sector. The amount of injections in wholesale trade and a retail from "Damu" fund made 101.3 billion tenge, growth in a year - by 2.1 times. These are 22.8% of the total amount of support of economy by fund within three key channels.

One more strategic industry closes top three on amounts of the credits for active unit of small business: agricultural industry. The amount of the credits to the small companies occupied in rural forest and fishery, made 199.4 billion tenge. An industry - the indisputable leader in rates of annual growth - directly by 2.8 times.

Public sector tools also are aimed at the development of agricultural industry. On "Damu" channels of capital infusions in a segment was made by 24.6 billion tenge, is 47% more, than the previous year (these are 5.6% of all guarantees, subsidies and other types of support of small business by programs of fund).

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