Best entities and media of Almaty were awarded (PHOTO)

Best entities and media of Almaty were awarded (PHOTO)

14 December, 19:24 332
Best entities and media of Almaty were awarded (PHOTO)

On the eve of the Independence Day Participants of republican tender of quality were awarded in chamber of Almaty entrepreneurs. Largest companies of the country and representatives of mass media of the megalopolis are among them, correspondent reports.

To the 25th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan the Chamber of Almaty entrepreneurs awarded the best entities of the city which caused a stir in high quality of manufactured goods and services.

Letters of acknowledgement for active participation in the republican "The Best Goods of Kazakhstan", "Altyn sapa" tenders were handed to such Almaty companies as: INTERCOMP KAZAKHSTAN LLP, TransCom LLP, Kanagat Service Company LLP, Ademi-Ai plus LLP, Aigul Line LLP, salon of exclusive hats EleGant LLP, AKKURAT LLP, Qing-Kaz LLP, Almatinsky product LLP, Kazlegprom-Almaty LLP, Solo LTD LLP, IDC LLP, MedAspapOptika LLP, Saiman Corporation LLP, JSC Kelet, Almaty electromechanical plant LLP, Hyundai Trans Auto LLP, Metall Prom Group.

"All winners of awards are the fair taxpayers, entrepreneurs with high social responsibility who are adequately representing the «Made in Kazakhstan» brand on the international scene. For example, each Kazakhstan hostess will always have a favorite Qing-Kaz tomato paste in the kitchen. This company is leading in production and sale of tomato products in Kazakhstan for 11 years. A market share – 40%, geography of sales – 42 regions of the country. High quality of products is provided thanks to a skillful management, united work of collective, high qualification of specialists, a quality management system of the entity," director of chamber of Almaty entrepreneurs Yury Tleumuratov said.

Director of chamber of Almaty entrepreneurs Yury Tleumuratov congratulated winners having wished success and further creative achievements.