Commodity turnover between Turkic countries decreases - expert

Commodity turnover between Turkic countries decreases - expert

22 December, 18:22 229
Commodity turnover between Turkic countries decreases - expert

The processes proceeding in world economy affected trade relations between the countries of Turkic Council, the Minister of Economic Affairs of Azerbaijan Shakhin Mustafayev said on Wednesday during the VI meeting of Ministers of Economic Affairs of Council of the Turkic-speaking states cooperation which is taking place in Baku, correspondent reported.

According to him, as a result of global economic processes in a goods turnover between our countries decrease is observed.

"But, despite it, we have great opportunities for increase in mutual trade. Therefore I suggest to carry out the analysis of the nomenclature of products which are traded by our countries. For example, if the goods imported by Turkey, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are present at the list of the goods exported by Azerbaijan, then these countries could import these goods from Azerbaijan and vice versa," the minister said.

Mustafayev noted that the matter will become one of discussion subjects between Azerbaijan and Turkey and invited Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan also to join this process.

The minister also emphasized that between the countries of Turkic Council there is a wide contractual legal base: "Within Turkic Council we already concluded memoranda of understanding in spheres of encouragement of investments, the investment environment, investment statistics and small and medium business. Besides, between the countries of Turkic Council signed more than 300 agreements bilaterally," the minister said.

Kazakhstan at a meeting was represented by the deputy minister of national economy Aydar Arifkhanov. In the performance he noted that the states of Turkic recommendation have every chance to connect the transport ways conducting from China to Europe and also from the North to the South.

He reminded that historically this region was a part of a great "Silk way".

"Questions of a transport cooperation between the countries of Turkic Council are regularly discussed, meetings of Ministers of Transport of these countries are annually held. The successful cooperation in the transport and logistic sphere requires simplification of customs procedures, and work in this direction is conducted," Arifkhanov said.

The deputy minister of Kazakhstan emphasized that a cooperation core between the countries of Turkic Council were always a humanitarian and cultural cooperation, however today the element of economic cooperation also grows: "It is necessary to pay special attention to implementation of joint projects and attracting investors in such projects".

"Kazakhstan performs a number of the programs directed to diversification and development of not oil economy now and urged the countries of Turkic Council to enter the Kazakhstan market that will open for them a way on the markets of the countries of the Eurasian economic cooperation and China. Such cooperation will be profitable to all parties," he noted.

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