Doctors rescued child from crushed house in Shymkent (VIDEO)

Doctors rescued child from crushed house in Shymkent (VIDEO)

10 January, 10:26 275
Doctors rescued child from crushed house in Shymkent (VIDEO)

There is a video with the rescue operations in place of crushed house in Shymkent. The video shows how the doctors made all possible efforts to get out the “besik” (cradle) with a child under the crushed house, reports.                                                                

"The personnel of the 13th crew of medical emergency station were the first to arrive in the crushed house in Shymkent. Before the arrival of rescuers, they got out a cried child from the crushed house. The doctor Michail Yavrov, paramedics Tahir Osman and Galym Aituganov were at the scene. Because of the “besik” construction, they were be able to keep the child`s body from the fatal blows and crushing,” Uriya Kalnazarova said.

Let`s note that, thanks to the old baby`s cradle – Besik, Aruzhan stayed alive in the completely crushed house. Especiallybesik saved a one year-old child from the risk of being crushed. According to the original version, the soldier of the military unit 6506 of the National Guard got out the cradle with a little girl, but now there are videos confirming the child's rescue by the doctors of medical emergency. The child`s mother died under the crushed house.

Let`s remind, the crushing of the two storied house, where two families lived happened at the night of January 8.At 3.55 a.m. the duty officer of the Southern Emergency Management Committee received a message, that the two storied private house was crushed after the gas exploded on the People`s Friendship street, near the Kazakh-Turkish lyceum for boys. The area of accident was 64 sq. m., the press service of CES reports.

"Each family will be provided by 226, 000 tenge and other help. The forces of the military unit 6506 will organize the funeral, which will take place today. The affected families will be provided by the official accommodation. There is a special commission, which will reveal the causes of the emergency,” governor of SKR Zhanseit Tuymebayev said.

 The similar emergency happened on New Year's holidays in the Shahan village of Karaganda region. The message about the crushing of multistory house number four from the third sub-district was received in January 1, 2017 at 10.40 a.m. The part of the fourth entrance was crushed. Nine people were killed, including three children who died, two of them were infants. 

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