Dubai celebrated 25th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan

Dubai celebrated 25th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan

16 December, 12:23 124
Dubai celebrated 25th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan

The celebration of the 25th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the United Arab Emirates began with Dubai, correspondent reports.

The consulate general of Kazakhstan in Dubai and the Northern Emirates with assistance of activists of an association held cultural events in honor of the main holiday of our country where representatives of state bodies of the UAE, heads of foreign diplomatic missions, journalists, students and also the Kazakhstan citizens who are constantly living in the Emirates took part. In total more than 400 people came to an event.

Ambassador of Kazakhstan in the UAE Kairat Lama Sharif and General Consul in Dubai Arman Issagaliyev opened official part of event and emphasized a role and value of the Independence Day, noted the main milestones of development and achievements of the country for quarter of the century and the high level of the Kazakhstan and Emirates cooperation.

Attendees enjoyed a concert of the famous Kazakhstan collectives, in particular Ushkonyr folklore ensemble, ento-rock group Alashuly, and also dancing ensemble Karakoz from philharmonic hall of the Southern Kazakhstan region. Also within the action the fair of products of the Kazakhstan handicraftsmen and an art exhibition of our artists was organized. Masterpieces of applied art, jewelry and national souvenirs surprised guests with the color and skill of production.

For all attendees dastarkhan was made with various national dishes and sweets organized by the staff of consulate general together with representatives of diaspora and sponsors of an action.

In conclusion of a holiday the lottery was carried out.

The modern "Mannequin Challenge" flashmob with participation of representatives of youth and children became the culmination of an action.