Ministry of Information promises to improve quality of the Internet in villages
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Ministry of Information promises to improve quality of the Internet in villages

25 November 2016 12:34

Elimination of digital inequality between the cities and villages is one of the purposes of the new state program - 'Digital Kazakhstan', the minister of information and communications Dauren Abayev said on the international innovative congress in Astana, correspondent reported.

"Today our ministry conducts development of the new state program - 'Digital Kazakhstan' aimed at high-quality transition of national economy to innovative rails. Its implementation shall provide an additional surplus in 1% to a share of information sector and communication technologies in a gross product of the country. By McKinsey estimates, each 10%-increase  of investments into the ICT sphere gives an annual surplus of GDP of the country for 0.6-0.7%," the minister of information and communications Dauren Abayev said.

The second important purpose of the program - elimination of digital inequality between regions, the cities and villages.

"You perfectly know, the Internet is well develops in our cities, and in villages it is much worse. It is connected with the big territory of our country," Dauren Abayev explained.

The third purpose is a population employment increase the knowledge-intensive industries of economy. The minister cited as an example - the countries of OECD where even in recession years when other industries showed stable fall, the quantity of workplaces in the ICT sphere grew on average for 7%. Also active application of advanced technologies in industrial sector is planned.

"By estimates of leading experts, automation allows to raise on average a labor productivity on production enterprises for 5%, and in service companies - for 10%. Within the state program a number of new state projects will be realized. Among them there is a 'Digital Silk way', "Creative society", transition to the pro-active state, intellectual and transport system, national geographic information systems and others. Finally implementation of "Digital Kazakhstan" will allow to increase quality of life of citizens, to strengthen a digital ecosystem and to perform innovative breakthrough in national economy," the minister of information and communications promised.

He sounded statistics according to which on the level of number of subscribers of mobile communication Kazakhstan takes the fifth place, and on the level of Internet users it is on the 61 places in the world. Density of Internet users constitutes more than 70% while the country is big. Satellite broadcasting provides a 100 percent scope of the territory of Kazakhstan. Last year Kazakhstan came to the 40th place in the world on development of an industry of information technologies, having overtaken other CIS countries. Kazakhstan is also included into the first thirty countries on the level of development of the electronic government.

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