Expert: It is necessary to have minimum knowledge about radiation hygiene

Expert: It is necessary to have minimum knowledge about radiation hygiene

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Expert: It is necessary to have minimum knowledge about radiation hygiene

Assumptions and conjectures of radiation sources in everyday life of the person were dispelled by director of Republican Radiological Center LLP Natalya Voyevoda. According to her, in case of observance of all safety requirements activities of mining companies or the consumed products can not cause harm to the population. The head of the center told about it in interview.

- In what products or materials identifies excess of a regulation of radiation?

- We carry out radiation control of all objects of the external environment - drinking water, food, officinal herbs, tobacco, construction materials, fuel raw materials, mineral fertilizers. Proceeding from my working experience excesses are often found in coal. Coal is not as dangerous as products of its combustion. Light cindery dust in case of hit in a human body can provoke oncological diseases of respiratory organs, change of composition of blood, pathology of development of a fruit in further generations. The population uses coal combustion products as building materials (slag stones and other). The person will build the house of similar slag stones and then will not know the reason of diseases of members of the family. Therefore it is extremely important to carry out radiation control of building materials prior to the beginning of a construction.

- Whether often addressing to you regarding a research of building materials and the parcels of land? Do you find deviations?

- Kazakhstan one of the first in the former Soviet Union adopted the law "On radiation safety of the population" in 1998. According to the law, all parcels of land which are taken away under a construction of residential and public buildings, also all accepted in operation of premises are subject to radiation control. Construction materials are researched until the beginning of a construction. Of course, we revealed deviations. Generally it was excess on content of radioactive gas of radon. But there were situations with excess on gamma radiation. We make recommendations in each separate case.

- Production enterprises are potential source of radiation. From the point of view of risks as a result of productive activity what areas in Kazakhstan the safest?

- According to the legislation, any productive activity should not make harmful effects on the environment and on the population. Radiological examinations which we conduct are aimed at decrease in level of environmental pollution, stabilization and improvement of indicators of its quality. So, we conducted the last researches in this direction at the station Temir, in the villages of Shaulder and Koksaray of Otyrarsky district of the Southern Kazakhstan region. Settlements are located in close proximity to uranium mining production of JV Zarechnoye. Studying of regularities of influence of productive activity of the uranium mining entity on the environment and the population was the purpose of monitoring.

Representatives of administration of these settlements, JV Zarechnoye, Nuclear society of Kazakhstan, Nur Otan party, journalists and locals are part of a working group which arrived for a research.

We took measurements of capacity of an equivalent dose of gamma radiation in the territory of settlements, in organizations of education, hospital. Soil samples from pastures, the territories of preschool institutions, private housing constructions and in control points were selected.

Laboratory researches of samples of water on determination of maximum-permissible concentration of chemicals are conducted. Samples of water were taken in residential and public buildings, in a thermal well, in a well for economic needs.

- What results of a research? Whether is possible to compare them with indicators in other settlements where there are no similar entities?

- Based on laboratory researches and tool measurements we carried out calculation of an effective dose of radiation of the population. The effective dose is determined by average values of capacity of a dose of gamma radiation and time during which the population is exposed to radiation. In this case it does not exceed the size regulated by hygienic standard rates. On all researched indicators excesses of admissible levels are not revealed.

Indicators in other settlements where there are no similar productions are exactly the same. It is show the lack of radioactive pollution in the territory of Temir station, in the villages of Shaulder and Koksaray.

On the basis of results of researches we developed recommendations about providing an ecological safety of these settlements.

- How many inhabitants live in these villages? Did they complain of health connecting it with uranium production?

- More than 9,000 people live in the settlement of Shaulder, about 4,000 people in the village Koksaray and about 5,000 at the Temir station.

Inhabitants of this region often connect all the diseases with influence of harmful effects of uranium mining productions. But without establishment of cause and effect relationship it is impossible to speak about influence of activities of the entities of the uranium industry on the environment. Work of our group was organized for this purpose.

- Whether the uranium mining companies at their entities and in settlements where they are based carry regularly out radiation control?

- Our country occupies one of leading places in the world on explored reserves of uranium. Production of strategic raw materials is a question of the state importance. Production supervision at the uranium mining entities is adjusted very strictly. It is very important to respect the existing rules and rules at all stages of production, transportation and conversion of uranium for safety of workers.

It is important to exclude influence of harmful productions on ecology of regions of their dislocation and inhabitants of nearby settlements.

- Are there a lot of radiation sources in everyday life of the modern person? What advice you will give for the purpose of prevention?

- In case of observance of all rules and regulations of the sanitary legislation risks of radiation in everyday life are practically absent. But after all it is necessary to have at least a minimum of knowledge of radiation hygiene to protect itself and relatives from unnecessary radiation. First of all, I would recommend not appointing to myself x-ray inspection. Now there a lot of researches on a paid basis using radiodiagnosis methods. It is necessary to remember: the research using x-ray radiation is appointed only by the doctor according to indications for this purpose. Each such research is followed by beam load of an organism.

It is necessary to conduct radiological examination of the parcel of land and building materials before to begin a construction. You should not be fond of not certified materials from granite; to line ladders and fireplaces with it became fashionable. You should check certificates for each type of building material to exclude a possibility of unreasonable radiation.