Expert: Kazakhstan needs to change economy model

Expert: Kazakhstan needs to change economy model

10 December, 10:27 295

Kazakhstan needs to change economy model in connection with delay of growth rates of China economy. Such opinion was expressed in an interview to the correspondent by senior adviser for questions of Asian economy and head of the department of political economy of William Simon in the Center of strategic and international researches Mathew Gudman.

"When the economy of China increased, Kazakhstan exported construction materials, oil and metal there. But after the Chinese economy began to decrease, Kazakhstan won't be able to send very much there. You have great opportunities for growth, but it is necessary to change model of economy and to be engaged not only export of construction materials and oils. It is necessary to expand the range of deliveries and to render more services. The model should be various and new. I think that it is necessary to pay more attention to tourism development, to put more money in industrialization, agricultural industry, education," the adviser said.
Mathew Gudman believes that now there is no need to enter common currency in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

"I think that it will be necessary in the future, not now. As you know, Europe entered common currency but it did not solve problems," he noted.

Also the adviser for Asian economy shared the opinion on oil prices.

"I think that it will not grow strongly in the nearest future. Though many countries continue fuel purchase but their economy decreases in general. Now there are a lot of offers in the oil market. Iran gets much, the USA develops new technologies in the sphere of production," he said.

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