Farmer from Kyzylorda provided nearly 60 people with employment (PHOTO)

Farmer from Kyzylorda provided nearly 60 people with employment (PHOTO)

13 December, 16:52 127 Kyzylorda
Farmer from Kyzylorda provided nearly 60 people with employment (PHOTO)

Thanks to state programs on support of landowners, the female resident of Kyzylorda Rakhilya Smayeva has lifted the country economy Kylysh to steadily profitable level, correspondent reports.

In the aul district Dosan, near Kyzylorda, in 1997 the country economy of Kazyn has been created. In 2013 it was renamed in to Kylysh.

"I have decided that the economy has to bear a name of my son," the founder of agrarian formation Rakhilya Smayeva said. "And the same year there was one more decision from which we had good changes – we became participants of the Sybaga state program."

According to regional Deraptment of Agriculture, the credit to Kylysh village was allocated in the sum of 20 million tenge. This money went for purchase of cows, manufacturing bulls of the Kazakh white-headed breed and on a construction of several shops. Regularly cattle breeders also receive subsidies from the state.

"Now we have in economy more than 400 heads of KRS," Smayeva said. "There is a feedlot, the meat finishing shop, production of dairy products. Three shops in Kyzylorda sell products of Kylysh economy, daily providing with the freshest meat, milk, forcemeat, oil and we designate citizens, but, I think, two more outlets that daily issued food right there and left because there is a wish to sell everything only the extra quality are necessary. From a farm and on a counter."

Kindergartens, schools, hospitals of Kyzylorda praise meat and dairy products from farmers from Kylysh economy. Quite often deliveries from a farm become based on the won competitions.

Works in agroforming of nearly 60 people, all of them have a stable salary.

"Working at a farm, I provide a big family," Orazbay Normanov said. "Before I worked additionally in Kyzylorda as a butcher, and now I earn from hundred thousand and more, working in country economy. The most important – employment full and fixed, and still my family purchases all products from a farm much below than market value."

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