First Kazakhstan ski expedition to the South Pole started (PHOTO)

First Kazakhstan ski expedition to the South Pole started (PHOTO)

22 December, 17:57 242
First Kazakhstan ski expedition to the South Pole started (PHOTO)

The first Kazakhstan ski expedition to the South Pole started from Union-Gletcher base in Antarctica. The Kazakhstan athletes Yury Yushin, Ilyas Galimbekov and researcher-physician Daulet Sharipov will pass a distance in 217 kilometers on skis before achieving objectives. Kazakhstan climber and traveler Magzhan Sagimbayev directs group, correspondent reports.

After completion of ascension on peak Vinson – the highest point of Antarctica on the Independence Day, the Kazakh Geographical Society started the second stage of research expedition "Independence Pole" - ski transition to the South Pole.   

Polar explorers flew about 6 hours by plane till start point, having flown by over the Ice Polar Heading - the highest plateau in Antarctic. Members of expedition plan to reach the finish in 10 days on condition of good weather. Participants also bring with themselves provisions, the equipment on sledge which is fastened to a special zone binding.   

Members of ski expedition intend to overcome 20 kilometers of a way daily. The team is equipped with special online trackers system which allows monitoring them on website.

It is Kazgeo’s third polar expedition. The first expedition which took place in 2011 was included into the Guinness Book of Records for the fastest passing of a route, thanks to this Antarctic program accession of Kazakhstan to the Agreement to Antarctic of 1959 was initiated.

It is remarkable that carrying out "Independence Pole" expedition matched memorials. For example, conquest of peak Vinson by Magzhan Sagimbayev and Ilyas Galimbekov matched the 50th anniversary of the first ascension on this peak. The end of expedition "Independence Pole" is planned for January 13, 2016 - exactly 196 years from the moment of discovery of Antarctica by the Russian travelers Mikhail Lazarev and Fadej Bellingshausen.

"Independence Pole" expedition is conducted under the auspices of Assembly of Kazakhstan people, with assistance of the Republican Public Association "Kazakhstan National Geographical Society" (QazaqGeography). The National Operating Baiterek Holding has acted as the general partner of the project, Partners - Nazarbaev University, KazNu of al-Farabi and KazNMU of D. S. Asfendiyarov. The organizer of a research expedition is the Kazakh Geographical Society.