Government considered price stabilization mechanisms on food products

Government considered price stabilization mechanisms on food products

12 December, 15:54 248
Government considered price stabilization mechanisms on food products

About need to change rules of functioning of stabilization funds was considered at the regular meeting of the government. The Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan suggests to leave from the accurate pro-writing of the mechanism of stabilization funds implementation and to establish a possibility of use of various mechanisms of price stabilization on food products, corresponding reports.

"In this regard, we offer three mechanisms on price stabilization on food products," first vice-minister of Agriculture Kairat Aituganov said.

First mechanism it is simplification of the existing operating procedure of stabilization funds. Today decision making process about purchase or implementation of stabilization funds resources is strongly regulated. It is offered to leave only reconciliation procedure with the Commission of the inventory and limiting allowance.

By second mechanism is offered to give an opportunity to create the company on the basis of public-private partnership from shares of the state in the authorized capital no more than 49%. This project will be profitable to private enterprise provided by joint project company resources – a commodity or monetary credit, social shops and other objects of joint project company. A benefit to joint project company is minimization of costs for necessary additional infrastructure.

By third mechanism requirements to shopping facilities are developing by mayor offices. Contracts which provided crediting of an object from mayor office and liability about implementation of a certain list of products on the fixed price established by the agreement from the shopping facility are signed.

For sale of these mechanisms changes will be made to the agrarian law and industrial complex regarding an exception of the concept "stabilization fund" and inclusion of the concept "price stabilization mechanisms on provisions".