How cars to be utilized in Kazakhstan?

How cars to be utilized in Kazakhstan?

12 December, 09:54 388

Utilization collection on transport is entered on January 28 this year. The Rule of expanded liabilities of producers (importers) implementation accepted since January 1 was presaged to it. Now the importers and citizens who bought the car abroad are forced to pay the impressive amount for registration of transport in the country. The innovation extends to tires, accumulators electric, engine oils, brake fluids, antifreezes and anti-freezing liquids. The authorities report that the program of utilization in Kazakhstan fully does not work yet, therefore citizens paying for utilization collecting, make investments for creation of the overworking infrastructure. suggests to understand how the utilization program will work in our country.

According to Committee of traffic police 5.2 million automobile transport, 620,000 of freight vehicles and 110,000 buses are registered in Kazakhstan for the end of 2015. According to foreign measures 58.3% of automobile transports over 20 years are subject to utilization. It is known that more than 80% of air pollution happen at the expense of cars. It is supposed that the imposed tax on utilization should solve this problem.

«Operator ROP» service is created for utilization payments and regulation of infrastructure in Kazakhstan. Function of the Operator: the organization of collection, transportation, conversion, neutralization, use or waste recycling, the consumer properties of products which are formed after loss to which expanded liabilities of producers (importers) extend.

Is it necessary to pay if I want to give a car to utilization?

As "Operator ROP" press service reports, owners of cars who want to give his old car to utilization pay nothing for it. The owners of cars have to deregister a car and give deregistration certificate to the staff of Operator. Then the Operator just takes your car.

Is there remuneration for car utilization?

Payment for delivery of cars to utilization is not provided yet. As the operator reports, searches of modes for remuneration of citizens for delivery of old cars it is already conducted. According to the "ROP Operator", it is necessary to make necessary calculations, to develop the plan, to study positive international experience in the field of the stimulating measures introduction for delivery of the cars, to discuss details with domestic car makers, to learn opinion of the public and following the results to present the draft of the program for discussion to the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan.

Meanwhile, the Association of the Kazakhstan Car Business suggested changing conditions of preferential crediting. It is meant that in case of delivery of an old car to "ROP Operator", Kazakhstan citizens will issue compensation certificates for a covering of the initial contribution. The offered program is calculated for 20 years and implemented on the basis of "revolving crediting": at the expense of the means arriving from settlement of a principal debt by the physical persons who obtained the credit, banks will issue new loans on acquisition of cars. Whether this program will be approved is unknown yet.

When and where the utilization program will be realized?

According to preliminary data, it is necessary to construct three complexes on utilization of cars at the rate of one entity on four million populations in Kazakhstan. Preliminary location of the centers for utilization: Astana, Almaty and West Kazakhstan region. Production capacity of the overworking complex will make 15-20,000 cars a year in 2017, the exit to planned capacity is planned in 2018. Work on the organization of collection of cars which are subject to utilization already began.

It is expected that about 10,000 cars a year will arrive on parking. Implementation of the program is calculated on three stages and 2031-2050 is finishing stage.

Where the old cars will be stored?

The exploited cars will be delivered to platforms stores. According to the strategic plan these platforms are provided in all regional centers of our country and all exploited cars will be stored there and then to go to the plants of a full cycle of utilization. Then they will be subject to the following procedures: first of all dangerous liquids in cars will be merged and plastic details are removed, the accumulator, window, objects from textiles is taken. After these procedures cars will be sent to shredder, those materials that were merged will be subjected to processing.

Simple statistics

1 liter of waste oil is capable to poison from 100 to 200 tons of ground waters. 40% of all surface of the water are covered with a film of oil products, waste oils, in case of hit in soil are quickly imbibed and do unsuitable the soil for decades. According to preliminary estimates, about 20,000 of waste oil are formed annually in Kazakhstan. You represent about what volumes there is a speech? Let's include the current situation here with car tires which utilization and processing also acquires great ecological and economic value.

Used tires are a source of the long environmental pollution in case of correct processing tires can become raw materials for manufacture of a row of production: new tires of cars, railway cross ties, coverings for roads, tile from a rubber crumb and so on. There are enterprises which are engaged in processing of used ties in Kazakhstan, but their volumes not so much. The majority of used tires are utilized by an old method burning and burial on landfills.