Kazakhstan and Israel: what two states have agreed about?

Kazakhstan and Israel: what two states have agreed about?

15 December, 10:32 608 Astana
Kazakhstan and Israel: what two states have agreed about?

Bilateral negotiations in the expanded list of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and the prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu within the first official visit of the Israeli delegation to Kazakhstan took place in Akorda. During negotiations, the President of Kazakhstan designated three main directions of practical implementation of a bilateral cooperation between Kazakhstan and Israel. These are agricultural industry, innovations, advanced technologies, and also health care, BNews.kz correspondent reported.

"We especially note that it is the first official visit of the Israeli delegation, and this visit takes place on the eve of our holiday - 25th anniversary of independence that also emphasizes that, despite any dificulties we could meet. All years of our independence Israel was and remains the friendly country and our important economic partner. The special relations between our countries developed not casually, they are promoted by tens of thousands of Israelis - natives of Kazakhstan who during war were deported to us, the house, the attentive relation found here, left home and kept the kind relations. When I come to Tel Aviv, they always meet me as the family, and they are the live bridge of friendship and they help to our cooperation," Nursultan Nazarbayev said, opening bilateral negotiations in Akorda.

In his turn, the prime minister of Israel has noted that for him it is a huge honor and a privilege to be the first Israeli prime minister who has arrived to Kazakhstan with an official visit that has coincided with the celebration of the 25 anniversary of country's independence.

"First of all, I am very glad to congratulate you on the 25 anniversary of Kazakhstan independence. It is the first visit of the Israeli Prime Minister to Kazakhstan, I know that you (a comment of the author - N. Nazarbayev) visited Israel several times, and during your visits it became clear that we have huge opportunities for a cooperation. By today's visit we do a big step forward in goal achievement which you mentioned. Agricultural industry, science and technologies, and also health care are those spheres where we will work together," Benjamin Netanyahu said.

During negotiations, the parties discussed questions of diversification of Kazakhstan-Israeli partnership. As Nursultan Nazarbayev noted, negotiations took place in conditions of openness and credibility. The parties discussed a complex of questions of bilateral interaction where the President of Kazakhstan designated three main directions of practical implementation of the bilateral cooperation.

"Our bilateral relations are under construction on a trade and economic and investment cooperation, so important contribution to strengthening is put by 270 entities with participation of the Israeli equity. Today's visit and business – a forum will promote our business relations and will lift to new high-quality level," the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

As the Head of state noted, the bilateral cooperation between two states can interact in three main directions.

"First, this is agricultural industry which is our main common ground. We have unique conditions for conducting agricultural business, and Israel has advanced technologies. Conversion of all types of products, economical irrigation of the earth are what we would like to adopt from you. Secondly, Israel is a world leader in the field of innovations and advanced technologies, and Kazakhstan possesses rich raw material resources. We agreed that the special group of experts Kazakhstan will be, our ministry, and we will begin to prepare such agreement," Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

Also the President of Kazakhstan noted importance of a construction of the Kazakhstan-Israeli center of innovative technologies in Almaty which will include college and world-class university.

"In Kazakhstan 10 special economic zones with a different industry, the park of information technologies work. The beginning of creation of the Kazakhstan-Israeli center of innovative technologies is very important. It will include world-class college and university. In this industry we will also work and we created the special ministry on the information and communication sphere, and we work as well as you, the "Digital Israel — Digital Kazakhstan" program," the President said.

The third direction provides a cooperation in the field of health care.

"Israel takes leading positions in health care. Thousands of Kazakhstan doctors, nurses took trainings in your country," Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

The head of state noted that the Israeli specialists hold annually 30 master classes based on the medical centers of Kazakhstan.

"What we constructed here in Astana is very much  pleasant to your doctors. We shall expand this cooperation. We with respect thereto are ready to consider the possibility to deliver in trust management of a number of university clinics to the Israeli organizations," the President of Kazakhstan said.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized that Kazakhstan became the first Muslim country which accepted Israel and created the excellent relations with Israel.

"Our relations are very valuable not only for us, but also for the whole world. And the fact that Jews and Muslims work together to achieve common goals is an excellent example for the whole world. Many countries of the world follow your example. It is an excellent sign of hope for our future world. Also it would be desirable to note your relation and tolerance to Jews because Jews came from Kazakhstan to Israel and deeply respect your country," he said.

Also Benjamin Netanyahu recommended to the Kazakhstan young scientists to adopt experience at the Israeli experts who, in turn, accumulated experience in Silicon Valley.

"The people of Kazakhstan shall pay attention to information technologies as a part of all programs which are implemented within science and technology. If you sent one group of people, mathematicians - young men and women who would work in a high tech industries. Here we will have special arrangements within which they will be able to come to us for 1-3 years. Israelis pay huge attention to work in Silicon Valley in the USA, we got extensive experience from work with the American startups, we could duplicate and create all this the Israeli startups therefore I would recommend to you to send group of people to the short-term period in order that they returned to Kazakhstan with invaluable experience," he said.

Nursultan Nazarbayev supported this offer, having noted that advanced technologies are important point of a cooperation of Kazakhstan and Israel.

"In medicine questions, in training of our people, in questions of new technologies and the industry Israel has very big achievements. To adopt this experience which is kindly offered to us is a big support for Kazakhstan and our program of "Nurly Zhol" - contact with a great silk way, I think, will interest Israel in a cooperation in a transport industry. We will direct our youth to accumulate experience and to learn how Israel studied in Silicon Valley," Kazakhstan President said.

Also the Prime Minister noted that he completely supports Nursultan Nazarbayev in a question of transition to development of non-oil economy.

"I appreciate very much your prospection that it is necessary to pass from the economy based on raw materials to new economy. We consider that it is that task in which we will be able to make a lot of things jointly. We have both natural, and technogenic resources, and I think that it is an ideal ratio of what you try to do, and between what we do at ourselves. And first of all, it is expressed to participate in our commitment in EXPO 2017, we came to this decision very easily: we want to be here, we want to be partners, especially in these three main spheres," he said.

Besides, Nursultan Nazarbayev emphasized that in order that business worked, the countries need to open an air traffic and to implement a visa-free regime. What the Prime Minister of Israel positively reacted to, having emphasized that the working people need to create comfortable flights that thereby will become one more push of economy growth of two countries.

"Agreements on recovery of air traffic and study of entering of a visa-free regime between our countries are reached. Such measures, in turn, shall promote deepening of bilateral business contacts, cooperation in the field of tourism," Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

The head of state declared that following the results of a meeting of the party agreed to support regular political dialogue, to develop contacts at all levels, and also to make common efforts for a partnership conclusion to qualitatively new level.

"We agreed that we will support regular political dialogue on all range of activities. Especially we discussed questions of fight against terrorism, support and training of our specialists and to a cooperation of intelligence agencies. It is sure that consecutive implementation of arrangements will promote deepening of bilateral interaction in all directions which we discussed today," Nursultan Nazarbayev noted.

 Following the results of an official visit of the Prime Minister of Israel the following documents were signed:

- The agreement between the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the government of the State of Israel on a cooperation in the field of agricultural industry;

- The mutual declaration about intention between the governments of two countries on release from visa requirements for owners of biometric national passports;

- The memorandum of understanding between the aviation authorities of the republic Kazakhstan and the State of Israel;

- The memorandum of understanding and a cooperation in the sphere of industrial researches and developments between JSC National Technology Development Agency and the Matimop Israeli center of industrial research and development works;

- The memorandum of a cooperation between the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for public service and to anti-corruption and the Commission of public service of the State of Israel.

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