Kazakhstan NSC conducts special operation in three regions and Almaty

Kazakhstan NSC conducts special operation in three regions and Almaty

21 December, 14:23 145

Today the Committee of a state security of Kazakhstan conducts special operation on neutralization in the territory of the country of religious and extremist organization At-Takfir Ual-Hidzhra, BNews.kz reported.

Operational events are held at the same time in the Almaty, Aktobe, Atyrau regions and the city of Almaty, the press service of NSC of the Republic of Kazakhstan reports.

On suspicion of kindling of religious discord and participation in activities of the forbidden organization 16 people are detained and brought to territorial authorities of NSC.

Searches in places of their accommodation both other operational investigative and legal proceedings are conducted.

It is known that members of this organization propagandize the principle of so-called "accusation in disbelief" or "takfir" on whom, in turn, the ideology of Al-Qaeda, ISIS and some other terrorist groups is constructed.

Followers of At-Takfir Ual-Hidzhra approve actions of terrorists in Syria and Iraq, and also in general deny the secular form of government and the constitutional laws of the country.

This organization is acknowledged extremist as the judgment in 2014, its activities are forbidden in the territory of Kazakhstan. It is included in lists of the terrorist organizations in the USA, Russia, China, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and some other countries.

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