Kazakhstan President held negotiations in expanded structure within Benjamin Netanyahu's visit

Kazakhstan President held negotiations in expanded structure within Benjamin Netanyahu's visit

14 December, 15:54 359
Kazakhstan President held negotiations in expanded structure within Benjamin Netanyahu's visit

The president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has held negotiations in expanded structure within the official visit of the Prime minister of the State of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, Akorda's press service reports.

During negotiations the parties discussed questions diversification of the Kazakhstan-Israeli partnership.

"I hope that your today's visit and holding a business forum will promote extension of business relations of Kazakhstan and Israel, will lift them to new, high-quality level," Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

The president of Kazakhstan designated three main directions of practical performance of a bilateral cooperation.

"First, agricultural industry. We have unique conditions for conducting agricultural business, and Israel has advanced technologies. Conversion of agrarian products, economical irrigation of the earth are what we would like to adopt at you as experience. Secondly, Israel is a world leader in the field of innovations and advanced technologies, and Kazakhstan possesses rich natural resources. For preparation of specific agreements on exchange of raw material resources for advanced technologies we will direct the special group of experts," the Head of state said.

Also the President of Kazakhstan noted importance of a construction in Almaty of the Kazakhstan-Israeli center of innovative technologies which will include college and world-class university.

The third direction provides a cooperation in the field of health care.

"Thousands of Kazakhstan health workers were trained in Israel. Your specialists hold annually master classes based on the Kazakhstan medical centers. We believe it is necessary to expand this cooperation. With respect thereto, we are ready to consider the possibility of transfer to trust management of a number of university clinics to the Israeli organizations," the President of Kazakhstan declared.

During negotiations the Israeli side expressed interest in use of transit and transport capacity of Kazakhstan for deepening of a bilateral cooperation. Besides, the prospect of interaction was discussed with the International financial center "Astana", and also active participation of the advanced Israeli technologies in the sphere of renewable energy resources at the international exhibition EXPO 2017 in Astana.

B. Netanyahu, having thanked the President of Kazakhstan for the invitation to visit our country, congratulated the people of Kazakhstan on the 25 anniversary of independence.

"Today's meeting is a big step forward in a cooperation of our countries. We also intend to develop our partnership in three directions designated by you," the Prime minister of Israel said.

Also B. Netanyahu suggested to send to Israel group of young skilled people from Kazakhstan for experience exchange and creation a startup of Hi-Tech projects.

Following the results of an official visit of the Prime minister of the State of Israel the following documents were signed:

- The agreement between the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the government of the State of Israel on a cooperation in the field of agricultural industry;

- The mutual declaration about intention between the governments of two countries on release from visa requirements for owners of biometric national passports;

- The memorandum of understanding between the aviation authorities of the republic Kazakhstan and the State of Israel;

- The memorandum of understanding and a cooperation in the sphere of industrial researches and developments between JSC National Technology Development Agency and the Matimop Israeli center of industrial research and development works;

- The memorandum of a cooperation between the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for public service and to anti-corruption and the Commission of public service of the State of Israel.

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