Kazakhstan to shoot historical film Tomiris

Kazakhstan to shoot historical film Tomiris

16 February, 13:30 291 Astana
Kazakhstan to shoot  historical film Tomiris

Kazakh film director Akan Satayev said that In 2017 it is planned to shhot the historical film "Tomiris" supported by the Ministry of culture and sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

"This year we with the Ministry of culture and sports plan to shoot the historic film"Tomiris. I am sure that this story with good quality implementation will have a huge interest in the world of the viewer, because Queen Tomyris is our ancestor, influenced the  world history. We need to have such breakthrough projects for the expansion of our products. This directly affects on the development of film industry " Kazakh film director said.

 It is worth noting that today within the framework of the Nation plan "100 concrete steps" plan “Mangilik el” is effectively implemented on the creation of films and TV shows about the history and culture of the State, prominent figures and historical personalities. Thanks to the Plan for the anniversary of independence 26 films, including 9 feature films, 9 documentaries, 7 debuts and 1 animated feature were presented.

All paintings are oriented to the international market and have great success. So, according to Russian Public Opinion Research Center "the best film of  2016”  became the Kazakh-Russian film “28 Panfilov Heroes”, right on which Hollywood  rental company Universal acquired.

Also among the largest projects are the fifth part of the epic "Way of leader" Tak slozhilis zvezdi” directed by Sergey Snezhkin, the presentation of which took place in Russia, China, France, Hong Kong, Greece, Russian channels «DOM Kino», «Mir 24" world network”.

Absolute event was the film version of the series "Kazakh Eli", Almas Қylysh "directed by Rustem Abdrashev, covering the period of Zhanibek and Kerey khans. It is planned to show the entire period until the reign of Kenesary Khan.