Kazakhstan virologist questioned opening of the American colleagues

Kazakhstan virologist questioned opening of the American colleagues

10 December, 20:22 273
Kazakhstan virologist questioned opening of the American colleagues

Head of department of virology of Institute of Microbiology and Virology of Kazakhstan Vladimir Berezin considers that it is early to tell about success of "HIV cuttings from cages of live organisms", BNews.kz correspondent reports.

"Data that it is possible to reduce the HIV level in an organism due to cutting them from DNA are doubtful. The laboratory experiment was made on mice only once and it is impossible to tell it successful until researches in other laboratories will not be equally well reproduced. I think it is impossible. First, the experiment was made on mice and we know that HIV affects monkeys and people,  whether it affects mice it is still unknown. Secondly, the virus is in cages of an organism which there is a lot. Imagine as far as it is real to cut out a segment from every cell of the person," doctor Berezin said.

He added that theoretically it is possible to get rid of a virus, but there are no successful confirmations of all theories and experiments yet.

"Perhaps, Americans will be right and their experiment will allow to get rid forever of this virus, but anyway we have to wait for confirmation," the virologist concluded.

Earlier it was reported that the American researchers cut out a segment of the HIV target type from DNA of mice that contains in their head brain. Scientists analysed genomes of mice and rats two weeks later after the beginning of an experiment. The segment of HIV was cut out in each infected tissue, including a brain, a liver, kidneys, lungs, a lien and blood cells. The analysis of virus RNA confirmed that the HIV level considerably decreased in lymphocytes and lymph nodes of animals.

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