Russian Zenit rocket with US satellite fails at launch

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Russian Zenit rocket with US satellite fails at launch

1 February 2013 14:52 Moscow

A Russian rocket carrying a US-made communications satellite has plunged into the Pacific Ocean shortly after its launch.

The Zenit-3SL rocket was launched from a floating site in the ocean just before 07:00 GMT on Friday, BBC reports citing the Russian media report.
Sources in the Russian space industry said the rocket had strayed from its trajectory immediately after lift-off, causing the engine to cut out.
The Intelsat-27 satellite was designed to have a working life of 15 years.
Constructed by Boeing, it was supposed to serve government and media clients in the US and Europe.
Yevgeny Lopota, the head of Russia's Energia corporation, which made the rocket, said the engine shutdown happened just 50 seconds into the flight.
The launch had already been delayed by 24 hours, but not for technical reasons.
There have only been two complete failures in the 34 sea launches conducted since 1999.

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