Most profitable spheres for business in Kazakhstan are called

Most profitable spheres for business in Kazakhstan are called

09 December, 21:30 392
Most profitable spheres for business in Kazakhstan are called

The influential businessman of Kazakhstan Raimbek Batalov considers that now it is profitable to put investments into agricultural industry.

"It is necessary to develop that business which the state delivered in a priority. It doesn't make up these data, and gives certain message for business that "we develop agricultural industry, we create conditions, we export to China, we develop a certain infrastructure". And we understand that the agricultural industry becomes rather interesting to investments," the entrepreneur said.

Also according to him, logistic business and tourism is of great interest.

"Kazakhstan is situated between China and Europe. It is high potential which should be developed. Internal tourism is also of interest because we have large markets. These directions are perspective, in them and it is profitable to invest," the businessman added.

Raimbek Batalov noted that during the crisis it is always difficult to develop small and medium business, but on the other hand it tempers and improves quality. Especially, in development of MSB feasible help is given by the state within reform "Industrialization and economic growth" the plan of the nation "100 concrete steps".

""100 steps" is a serious program. Reducing tens of procedures facilitated work of business from the administrative party. It was necessary to reduce interest rates in banks and to improve liquidity. With lack of liquidity and a high interest rate it isn't necessary to speak about rapid development of small and medium business. But these issues are resolved too," Batalov noted.

He considers that thanks to the measures taken by the state already soon small and medium business will feel improvement in the market.

Let's note that according to a ranking the production volume at small enterprises in 2015 approached 3 trillion tenge, having shown growth by 16%.

The greatest contribution to increase in cost production volumes was made by the small enterprises which are engaged in "professional, scientific and technical activity": +228,3 billion, and also real estate development companies: +171,3 billion. The highest growth rates showed "other services" - by 3.5 times, hotel and restaurant business - by 2.3 times, financial activities - by 2.1 times.

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