New Zealand and Denmark became examples for Kazakhstan dairy cooperatives — G. Isaeva

New Zealand and Denmark became examples for Kazakhstan dairy cooperatives — G. Isaeva

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New Zealand and Denmark became examples for Kazakhstan dairy cooperatives — G. Isaeva

Now Kazakhstan has three dairy cooperatives which are using positive experience of the New Zealand company "Fronterra" and Danish "Arla" which unite in themselves groups of milk and dairy producers in large joint project companies for more effective expenditure of means and increase in the competitiveness, the vice-Minister of Agriculture Gulmira Isaeva said These developments are implemented within five institutional reforms.

— The 60th step of the Plan of the nation regulates ensuring export to a half of products on the markets of the CIS countries within three years. At what stage of implementation of this step there is Kazakhstan now?

— We already have a number of the companies which are engaged in export of the products on the markets of Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and other countries. These are Maslodel LLP, FoodMaster LLP, DEP LLP, Vostokmoloko, two cheese-factories Merkensky and Burninsky and Dairy union of the North Kazakhstan region. Potential on export of dairy products is very big.

For today in Kazakhstan there is a certain import-dependence by such types of dairy products as butter and cheeses, these are so-called dairy products of deep conversion. We carry out a lot of work on subsidizing of costs of the milk-processing entities in order that it was profitable to them to use natural dairy raw materials and to make dairy products of deep conversion which require long terms, bigger technological equipment.

— What reasons can interfere to increase in popularity of the Kazakhstan dairy goods in the market?

— There is a problem with dairy products which are imported to Kazakhstan. At the market of Kazakhstan there are counterfeited dairy products which aren't declared in the name and don't conform to requirements of technical regulations. For example, our producers use genuine milk for production of butter, and foreign analogs generally use vegetable fats and powdered milk. It reduces cost value of an end product, and creates the bad competition to our goods.

Along with those types of state support which Kazakhstan renders for increase in production of milk and dairy products it is necessary to carry out still joint operation of several state agencies on toughening of control of quality and safety of the imported foodstuff, check on compliance to technical regulations and to conduct special work on identification of falsifiers. Controlling receipt of quality dairy goods on the markets of Kazakhstan we will provide a worthy competitive environment for our producers to dairy products.

— And how an increase in the milk made in Kazakhstan is made?

— The source of raw materials is already created good and the 60th step just helps us to strengthen development of a source of raw materials, involving the international experience. So in the country the example of the New Zealand company Fronterra and the Danish company Arla will be used. These are very big dairy cooperatives, producers of milk organize cooperative for the purpose of conversion of the product.

Now in Kazakhstan three pilot dairy cooperatives — APO Bozanbay Agro cooperative of the East Kazakhstan region, APO Yrys cooperative in Almaty region and APO Merke Onimderi of the Jambyl region are created. We made use of positive experience of the Fronterra and Arla companies which shows that merging of producers of genuine milk, allows to combine their interests and efforts for the solution of joint tasks, let us assume, on ensuring veterinary safety, on creation of logistics, on joint use of necessary motor transport or the high-technical expensive equipment — all those costs which one farmer couldn't pull.

— Will cooperatives be able to make in the future these dairy products of deep conversion?

— At the first stage cooperatives will be able to increase milk production, further growth of amounts and sale will help to begin to the entities to process own raw materials and to make products with a high value added, such as oil and cheese. The Kazakhstan product will be more better due to use of own 100% of genuine milk, and also inexpensive due to maintaining cooperative farm.

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