25 kindergartens opened in Almaty region (PHOTO)
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25 kindergartens opened in Almaty region (PHOTO)

30 November 2016 11:55

25 modern kindergartens on 2,385 places have opened in Almaty region within "25 star days" in honor of the 25th anniversary of independence, BNews.kz correspondent reports. New kindergartens have opened in Iliysky, Karatalsky, Zhambyl, Panfilovsky, Enbekshikazakhsky, Talgarsky districts and in Taldykorgan city.

Mayor of Almaty region Amandyk Batalov participated in the opening of Balbobek kindergarten on 320 places in Ushtobe city of the Karatalsky district built according to the program "Nurly zhol" and congratulated residents of the region with this significant event. 

"Today, in anticipation of First President Day and within "25 star days" in honor of the 25th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, we open 25 modern kindergartens in the whole region. It is very important event for all of us and especially for our children," A. Batalov said.   

After opening of new kindergartens the level of coverage of children preschool education aged from 3 up to 6-years-old in the Zhambyl district will make 94.2%, in Talgarsky district – 89.0%, in Panfilovsky – 85.1%, in Iliysky – 84.1%, in Enbekshikazakhsky – 82.0% and 87% in Taldykorgan city.

The number of the preschool organizations of education has increased with 47 to 903 for years of independence in Almaty region. Qualitative results are achieved thanks to active development in the field of public-private partnership. Across Almaty region the number of private kindergartens makes 61.2%.

Thus, today 182 state, 288 private kindergartens and 433 school minicenters with coverage of 64,200 children function in Almaty region.

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