Adults and children wrote compositions in honor of Independence Day (PHOTO)
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Adults and children wrote compositions in honor of Independence Day (PHOTO)

25 November 2016 10:34

The competition of compositions in kazakh language on subject «Kazakhstan Respublikasyna 25 zhyl» was held within 25 star days «Uly Dala Eli – 25 bases of independence» in Petropavlovsk, correspondent reports.

Manager of the secretariat of Assembly of people of Kazakhstan branch Nail Salimov has reported that the competition purpose is education of sense of patriotism, pride for independent Kazakhstan and a rising of prestige of competent knowledge of a state language. 

"100 people in four age groups have taken part in a competition of compositions. The composition was written by pupils from 7 till 11 classes, vocational school pupils, college students and in the last group person who interested, students of higher education institutions, employees, pensioners and housewives were among them," Salimov said.

Participants of a competition wrote compositions in different genres. Some of them wrote a story, the essay or the narration. Teachers of Kazakh language, non-governmental organizations and public servants were members of jury who evaluated compositions.

"Compositions were estimated by such criteria as originality of composition subject, an author's position, literacy of the text," head of Kogamdyk kelisim Asemgul Eskhozha said.   

Following the results judges announced results. The special patriotic relation to the Homeland has been presented in Olzhabayeva Altynai and Tyumeneva Lyudmila's works. Activist of Peace and Reconciliation center Mariya Pozdnyak became the winner in the fourth group.

"I learned Kazakh language at school, then at university and independently. My Homeland is Kazakhstan and I have to know my state language. I have chosen a composition subject of the patriotic plan and participated in a competition with pleasure. I’m glad that I won," Mariya Pozdnyak said.

All winners of a competition are marked out by memorable diplomas.

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