Expedition from Almaty to set up flag of Kazakhstan on South Pole (PHOTO)
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Expedition from Almaty to set up flag of Kazakhstan on South Pole (PHOTO)

2 December 2016 09:22

The start of a research expedition to Antarctica "Independence Pole" devoted to 25-year anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan is given in Almaty. Climbers of Almaty will set up a flag of Kazakhstan on South Pole, the highest point of Antarctica South Pole on December 16, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

Expedition members were solemnly saw off to Antarctica at the international airport of Almaty. This year Kazakh Geographical Society will hold the second Kazakhstan expedition to the South Pole. Seven people are part of an expedition to Antarctica "Independence Pole" , head of the regional office of Qazaq Geography in Almaty, head of group Magzhan Sagimbayev, climbers Ilyas Galimbekov and Yury Yushin are among them.

Ilyas Galimbekov participates in a scientific expedition not for the first time. His task together with other climbers is to conquest the highest top of the South Pole.

"Of course, the forthcoming trip is unpredictable. The South Pole is the novel place for me, but the most difficult is to endure flight and to manage to recuperate before going to the top because the road will be very long," Ilyas Galimbekov said.

Aliya Ernazarova, Arman Baimukhamedov, Daulet Sharipov, bloggers, SMM specialists and many others are participants of expedition scientists.   

At first they will have to flight to Chile, Santiago city then they will go to the South Pole. Representatives of Assembly of Kazakhstan people saw them off.

Participants of an expedition will set up national flag of Kazakhstan on the highest point of Antarctica, Vinson peak on December 16. During the expedition they have to go more than 200 kilometers on skis. Research associates of an expedition will conduct researches in the field of ecology, biology and also influence of extreme conditions of Antarctica to human physiology.

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