In a year West Kazakhstan citizens received charity for 30 million tenge
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In a year West Kazakhstan citizens received charity for 30 million tenge

28 November 2016 09:34

In the West Kazakhstan region this year held more than 5,000 various charitable events, correspondent reported. It was declared at the I regional forum of patrons and philanthropists "From heart to heart", devoted to the 25 anniversary of Kazakhstan independence.

The Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan of the West Kazakhstan region acted as the organizer of the forum. Within the ethnocultural associations, charitable help is given to the needing citizens of our society who got into difficult life situations; the public associations which are engaged on a fixed basis in social support of needy families, orphan children, disabled people are created.

"On 24 sessions of Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan the Head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev assigned to APK new functions – charity and mediation. In general, for the current year in the region, more than 5,000 various charitable events were held in organization of which over 3,000 people took part. Charitable help is given to West Kazakhstan citizens on the amount of more than 30 million tenge," the deputy mayor of the WKR Bagdat Azbayev said.

In the foyer of the West Kazakhstan agrarian and technical university named after Zhangir khan where the forum took place, the photo exhibition was organized. It presented good deeds of the West Kazakhstan patrons. Active philanthropists - Uniserv LLP, the scientific and educational complex of KAZIITU , PSP Serik LLP, "Asan-Aul", "Aydana", the public associations "The Road Is Kind", "Ayalagan Alakan", Civil Alliance of WKR and others.

"This year the 'Yntymak' deputy group under the regional APK gave charitable help on the amount over 35 million tenge. Our deputies participate in all charity events, and also give feasible help to disabled people, graduates of orphanages, large, needy families. I consider that if there is an opportunity, everyone shall help persons in need, only then our state will prosper and get stronger," the head of the Korean ethnocultural consolidation, the deputy of a maslikhat of the WKR Maxim Pak said.

Within the forum the charity event "Mercy Caravan" was carried out. The group of entrepreneurs of area organized delivery of 110 product sets to needy and large families.

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