Kazakhstan youth congress held tens of charitable projects in 15 years
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Kazakhstan youth congress held tens of charitable projects in 15 years

28 November 2016 10:58

Within the "25 good deeds of Kazakhstan citizens for years of independence" project BNews.kz continues to publish stories of "our time heroes". The congress of Kazakhstan youth exists 15 years and during this time its participants have managed to carry out tens of charitable projects among which: "Zhasyl El", National Delphic committee, School of public service.

“The Kazakhstan youth congress is the author of tens of projects. Such projects as Republican headquarters of youth labor groups "Zhasyl El", National Delphic committee, School of public service might be called as the implemented and independently isolated projects of the Congress. "Zhana Dem", "Zhana beles" within the uniform National project of the Kazakhstan youth congress "I am the Kazakhstan" and a recent social event "Together Fest" are charitable projects realized today by the Kazakhstan youth congress,” press secretary of Kazakhstan youth congress Aida Syzdykova said.

For example, "Zhana dem" is the project on an upclassing of the remote depressive villages by forces of a city youth asset started in honor of the 25th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan youth congress realizes this project with assistance of the First President Fund. It was started in September of the current year in four regions of Kazakhstan where there is a high number of the abandoned and depressive villages: Pavlodar, Aktyubinsk, Karaganda and West Kazakhstan regions.

Within this project cleaning of the thrown territories, analysis of the empty structures, whitewashing, painting, planting and clearing of avenues, repair of monuments and renovations of social objects and houses of labor veterans, elderly people, families from social and vulnerable category of the population, pensioner's houses, schools and mosques were made.

"Volunteer movement is a separate aspect which in our country needs an explanation of its real destination. If abroad volunteering is prestigious and is a benefit in the opinion of employers and the population in general, then our population often misunderstands a sense of this word and associate with non-paid work on events.

Volunteer activity could include: ecological movements, planting of trees, flowers, help to vulnerable segments of the population: to aged people, physically disabled people, homeless; promotion of healthy lifestyle; help in the organization of large city and international events, festivals; internet volunteering.

"Zhana beles" project is started devoted to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan within the uniform National project "I am the Kazakhstan". The project is directed to creation and ensuring activity of youth club for deviant youth in five regions of the country with the high level of youth crime. Within the project in the cities with the highest crime rate such actions of various character: psychological trainings: "anger and emotions management ", "Solution of conflicts", "Critical thinking" and others have been organized.

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