Discussion platforms for youth started in Astana
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Discussion platforms for youth started in Astana

30 November 2016 18:23

Within the republican forum of youth, discussion platforms on topical issues of implementation of youth policy opened today in Astana, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

Discussion platforms are divided into seven sections: "the global market of education and the place of Kazakhstan in it", "diseases of the 21st century", "youth and business", "sport - pledge of the healthy future", "youth and the law", "youth in the secular state", "regional aspect of youth policy development". Religious and legal literacy of the Kazakhstan youth became a special reason for discussions.

According to vice-minister of religion affairs and civil society Berik Aryn, the fact that radical currents not only call youth for false belief, but also calls for making of extremist terrorist acts is dangerous. They urge "to ruin the life for the sake of the purposes not connected neither with Islam nor with sensible mind".

"Today there is no need to convince or prove that educated, modern conceiving, intellectually developed and professionally prepared youth can become the major condition and guarantee of high-quality, dynamic and innovative development. Extremely important and necessary factor is religious and legal literacy of the population. Information and explanatory actions of a different format were held by the ministry in all regions of the country for more than 760,000 youth and in nine months of the current year for more than 500,000. This number included all higher education institutions and colleges of the country," Berik Aryn said.

The forum is directed to demonstration of youth achievements and youth policy in 25 years of independence of Kazakhstan, mobilization of the Kazakhstan youth on achievement of strategy tasks Kazakhstan 2050, uniting of youth around Mangilik El values.

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