Kazakhstan may ban hookah smoking this year: Deputy Minister of Health

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Kazakhstan may ban hookah smoking this year: Deputy Minister of Health

Sabina SEKSEMBAYEVA, 6 February 2013 14:19 , Astana

Kazakhstan may ban on hookah smoking by the end of this year, the Deputy Minister of Health of RK Eric Bayzhunusov told the journalists today.

"I think that within the framework of the law, which we have already adopted on smoking restriction and within the framework of the Convention, which was signed by Kazakhstan, within 5 years we must make the necessary changes in our legislation to completely ban all cigarettes and other tobacco products, including the hookah in our country," Bayzhunusov said.
The Deputy Minister also expressed the hope to support the public, media, and all the deputies, "who has an active life position".
"I think it (the ban) is the prospect of the next year," the Deputy Head of the Health Ministry said.
According to him, the ban on smoking hookah would apply only to public places.
As for cigarettes, the first cigarette packs with pictograms indicating clearly the impact of cigarettes on health will be published in the country in spring.
The country's Chief sanitary doctor Zhandarbek Bekshin emphasized that hookah smoking "is not a Kazakh tradition, it was not and should not be."
The leading specialists of the native medicine also called for banning the hookah smoking in the country, because it is recognized that this type of smoking causes such intractable diseases as pneumonia, gingivitis (inflammation of the gums, accompanied by swelling, reddening and bleeding), periodontal disease, ulcers of the mouth through the accumulation of viruses, bacteria in the hookah’s fluid, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, mold, yeast fungi. In addition, the effects of smoking hookah is equal with the effect of 100 smoked cigarettes.
Also among the hookah addicts are often recorded cases of infection with herpes, hepatitis and tuberculosis.
According to the Chief oncologist at Astana Mukhtar Tuleutaev, the hookah smoking causes cancer of many organs including the bladder, cervix.
Remind that, today the Ministry of Health held a round table devoted to the topic of the dangers of the hookah smoking with the participation of representatives of health authorities, WHO and the bloggers.


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