Kazakhstan resident called in honor of Fidel Castro considers himself his God son (PHOTO)
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Kazakhstan resident called in honor of Fidel Castro considers himself his God son (PHOTO)

28 November 2016 17:16

The doctor from Kazakhstan's Uralsk named in honor of Fidel Castro still has the letter from the comandante, BNews.kz correspondent reported. 

The letter came in response to the invitation to visit Uralsk. Fidel Yanborisov says that the Cuban leader is his godfather. He bequeathed to the Ural resident always to be loyal  to ideals of revolution. 

This story began in far 1962. The Caribbean Crisis confronted between the USSR and the USA. In the center of interests of world powers there was Cuba that was headed by charismatic Fidel Castro. Ravil Yanborisov who served in army received the mobilization letter. 

In case of war between the USSR and the USA he was ordered to get a military registration and to come to an enlistment office. And the man thought - if the conflict comes to the end with peace, then he will name his son as Fidel. And it happened. And then Ravil Yanborisov wrote the letter to the Cuban leader and received an answer together with a parcel post. It included books, stamps and a puzzle lay.

According to the father of Fidel Yanborisov Ravil Yanborisov, the workers of the registry office were very much surprised when they have learned that he wants to name his son - Fidel. 

"But I have explained to them that the men's word needs to be kept. To write the letter to Fidel Castro is the idea of my mother. The answer was printed on the official form and had a parcel. We looked for the Spanish translator for some time. Then we have found him. In the letter it was told: "The companion Fidel Castro thanks you for the invitation. He regrets that he can't give itself this pleasure though it is his greatest desire – once again to visit the cities of the Soviet Union. We welcome a revolutionary name Fidel, our people will be always grateful to the Soviet Union and are faithful to the slogan," Ravil Yanborisov says. 

At the end of the letter, the slogan in Spanish "Patria o muerte" was written. Fidel Yanborisov works as an otolaryngologist in a polyclinic now. He regrets for the death of the greatest revolutionary of the XX century.

"For me Fidel Castro was always a role model. In the letter he wrote that I shall become the successor of his case. I had a huge desire to go to Cuba. But it didn't turn out. Many don't know a name of the Cuban leader any more. In Soviet period everything was differently" Fidel Yanborisov says.       

Let's remind that Fidel Castro died on November 26 at the age of 90 years.

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