More than 2.5 thousand students get loans in Kazakhstan

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More than 2.5 thousand students get loans in Kazakhstan

26 July 2013 20:57 Astana

In Kazakhstan, 2757 students have received student loans so far. The total amount of student loans is 1.4 billion tenge, chairman of JSC Financial Center of the Kazakh Ministry of Education and Science Zabira Orazaliyeva said.

The largest number of loans was given in Almaty (24%), Astana (17%) and Kyzylorda (14%), the official website of Prime Minister reports.
Applicants, who did not receive educational grants or students, who run out of money to pay for education, will be able to get a student loan against government guarantee. Our partners are four banks that provide loans against the guarantee of the Financial Center of the Education and Science Ministry, Orazaliyeva said.
She also noted that the guarantee would depend on the performance of an applicant.
Today, second-tier banks offer unsecured student loans with variable interest rates starting from 9% for 17 years.


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