Nearly 2,000 convicts to be released in next six months
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Nearly 2,000 convicts to be released in next six months

2 December 2016 12:52

The bill directed to amnesty of a number of convict’s categories dated for the 25th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan is considered in Majilis of Kazakhstan today. According to deputy public prosecutor Johann Merkel, about 1,800 people are planned to be released from the Kazakhstan colonies, correspondent reports.

"We can not say how many amnestied will be by the time of the law came into force. Only 36,000 incarcerated people in jails taking into account are investigative arrested. About 1,800 people of them will be released. But there are people whose punishment is not connected with imprisonment: restriction of freedom, a penalty, social jobs, people who are under probation. Approximately counted, in total about 30,000 people will be amnestied. All offenses which are in production will stop. Similarly on crimes of small weight, the imprisonments connected with punishment up to two years. As for mid-level cases, release of these people from punishment is provided to social and vulnerable. All rest who was not included into the list, the punishment will be replaced with restriction of freedom that is they will get under probation too. An amnesty term is six months," Johann Merkel said.

According to deputy public prosecutor, this amnesty differs from previous in the fact that in former criminal code there was not opportunity to apply amnesty in relation to the persons who committed serious crimes and particularly serious crimes. New Criminal Code allows doing it. But this is not about full release, it is about reducing the imposed penalty. On serious crimes punishment will be reduced for 1/4, on particularly serious crimes for 1/5. But there are articles under which the prohibition on amnesty is established: on sexual integrity, murder, terrorist and extremist crimes, in case of a recurrence and a dangerous recurrence, made in criminal group and others with degree of high public danger.

"Only those who are not socially dangerous will be released. We will hold EXPO-2017 and events in Almaty. It is necessary to consider it, otherwise nobody will arrive to Kazakhstan if we will release persons who committed particularly serious crimes," Johann Merkel said.

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