Project of Kazakh language section development in Wikipedia is developed in Kazakhstan

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Project of Kazakh language section development in Wikipedia is developed in Kazakhstan

Maral AMANZHOLOVA, 10 April 2013 11:50 Astana

The first day of the WORLDDIDAC Astana 2013 exhibition where 24 countries of the world, and also the domestic companies exposed the projects in the sphere of innovative projects of education participated came to the end today in Astana. One of them is public fund WikiBilim, correspondent reports.

"The public fund WikiBilim works in Kazakhstan about 2 years, a main objective - development of Kazakh language content in the Internet. We develop some projects for content development. One of the biggest and known is Wikipedia in the Kazakh language - development of the Kazakh language section in the Wikipedia global encyclopedia. Now there over 200,000 articles are collected and the list daily replenishes," the coordinator of the fund Almaz Nurbakhytov said.
The Wikibilim project is realized under patronage of the head of Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov.
According to the representative of the fund, the second project is an open library of Kazakhstan " where over 4 thousand works of the Kazakhstan and world authors are collected today.

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