Snowfalls and blizzards expected in North Kazakhstan

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Snowfalls and blizzards expected in North Kazakhstan

29 November 2016 09:33

The deep cyclone from the European territory of Russia in the forthcoming three days will displace to the east through the Urals to Western Siberia. And the active atmospheric fronts connected to this cyclone will exert impact on weather of the western and northern areas of Kazakhstan, Kazhydromet reported.

In the West and the North of the republic difficult weather conditions with snowfalls, a blizzard and the strong western wind are expected. Wind gusts can reach 20 … 25m/with, and in case of the daytime temperature of the close to 0º, ice is possible.

In the South and the East of the country under the influence of an anti-cyclone weather without any precipitations, in night and morning hours fog and temperature increase in the afternoon in the south till 2-10 degrees, in the east to 0 … 7º a frost will remain.

In the central regions of Kazakhstan partly cloudy, in the bigger territory without any precipitations, a gusting wind is expected. In the Karaganda region a partly cloudy, without any precipitations, daytime temperature will make −5...-7 °C, night −9...-11 °C, in the south of the region it is expected on −2...-4 °C, at night −10...-12 °C in the afternoon.
In northern regions of Kazakhstan cloudy weather, an occasional snow, a blizzard, a gusting wind is expected.

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