1,5 billion tenge directed to purchase of medical equipment in West Kazakhstan
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1,5 billion tenge directed to purchase of medical equipment in West Kazakhstan

25 November 2016 10:16

In the West Kazakhstan region in 2016, 1.5 billion tenge allocated for material equipment of health care facilities, BNews.kz correspondent reported. Equipment of the medical organizations of the region grew to 80%.

According to the Management of health care, this year medical institutions of the region were replenished with 54 units of the medical equipment.

"We bought the computer tomograph for the diagnostic center, an operational microscope, devices ultrasonography and the medical equipment for the PHC organizations. 56 units of hospital motor transport, including 17 reanimobiles for equipment of stations of emergency medical service and city polyclinics also purchased," the chief specialist of department of Management of health care of the WKR Sunkar Ishmukhanbetov said.

The chief non-staff radiologist of the region Murat Ismagulov remembers that the first tomograph in the diagnostic center appeared in 1993. That equipment gave indistinct and strongly noisy image. Present computer tomographs allow to receive three-dimensional projections of various internals.

"Now the multispiral computer tomograph of the Japanese production which does 160 cuts purchased. We can carry out a virtual colonoscopy. Vessels are especially well visible," Murat Ismagulov says.

The computer tomography allows to visualize the head and spinal cord, other internals unavailable to a radiological research and ultrasound.

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