Semey psychiatric and narcological clinic to be united
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Semey psychiatric and narcological clinic to be united

25 November 2016 11:54

The ministry of health and social development of Kazakhstan made the decision on integration of psychiatric and narcological services in Semey and Pavlodar which is planned to be finished by January, 2018. However, the East Kazakhstan social activists are sure that merge of clinics will only aggravate a situation and ask to keep two independent health services, correspondent reports.

Public Council participants of Semey declared that merge of two services will negatively affect to narcocontingent of the region as quality and availability of the specialized help will not improve, priorities will be displaced to mentally sick side and costs will decrease disproportionately prevalence of narcodiseases.

"We already squeezed service to a limit in our city. It consists of a polyclinic, departments of voluntary and forced treatment, department of sobering, 24 hour examination and others at the same time. The budget of our clinic constitutes 240 million tenge a year. For comparison, the budget of the regional narcoclinic serving the same quantity of the population constitutes 370 million," director of "Narcological Clinic" in Semey Pavel Bryzhakhin said.



The problem of drug addicts remains rather acute.

"Primary incidence due to the use of psychoactive substances made 1,076 cases on 100,000 populations in Semey following the results of 2015. It exceeds a republican indicator in five times and regional in three times. Thanks to work of our collective, the level of detectability of patients with narcopathology is three-five times higher in our region than in the whole country though it is obvious that prevalence is identical across all Kazakhstan. Merge of services will not improve the achieved results," the director of a narcoclinic said.

Physicians emphasize that merge of services will inevitably cause mass outflow of patients in private medicine where they will receive only the short-term help without rehabilitation actions. According to doctors, similar practice of treatment will cause growth of number of the hidden alcoholics who will identified only at late stages.

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