Police detains suspects in Pavlodar shooting

Police detains suspects in Pavlodar shooting

10 January, 18:23 169
Police detains suspects in Pavlodar shooting

The Department of Internal Affairs in Pavlodar region presented the report about the successful detention of the suspects in yesterday's shooting near the business center, BNews.kz reports.

According to the press service of the department, all the detainees are the residents of Pavlodar region.

"Now the detainees are interrogated. The necessary expertise is assisted; inquiry actions are carried out in order to reveal the causes of crime. The police seized the Lexus car model and weapons,” press-secretary of the DIA Bayan Magzumova said.

Also the press service noted that BMW driver with gunshot wound tried to "confuse" the police by giving the false testimony.

The previously injured man said to police officers that the stranger shot him in his face and back because of the parking place.

"The victim hid the real causes of the conflict, his unlawful acts, and the people involved in the incident. The arguments of both detainees and victim will be carefully checked and the actions of shooting`s participants will be judged,” B. Magzumova said.

Let`s remind that the police department of Pavlodar received the emergency signal at 6.30 p.m. yesterday. The police personnel of three regions of Kazakhstan - Pavlodar, Karaganda and Eastern region was targeted in detaining the shooter, as well as the border regions of Russia. The inquiry is conducted under the article "hooliganism".

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