Agriculture Ministry plans to increase country's combine-harvester park by 3 times
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Agriculture Ministry plans to increase country's combine-harvester park by 3 times

28 November 2016 18:23

The Minister of Agriculture Askar Myrzakhmetov during government hour in Majilis of parliament of Kazakhstan suggested to buy agricultural machinery of the CIS countries. As it is cheaper, but according to characteristics doesn't yield to foreign analogs, it will allow to increase the combine-harvester park of the country by 3 times, correspondent reported.

"We spent 3.6 billion tenge in 2015 for purchase of combines. 40% on quantitative expression are foreign countries, 60% - the CIS. At the same time, we spent 70% of funds for the foreign equipment. Now we counted that if we change a proportion, we will buy, generally to the technician, productions of the CIS: Russia, Belarus. At the same time, on the technical characteristics, they don't lose to foreign analogs at all, as a result of such measures it is possible to increase almost by 3 times the combine-harvester park for the same money," the Minister of Agriculture Askar Myrzakhmetov emphasized.

Secondly, as he noted, money which is spent for purchase of agricultural machinery on the Kazagrofinance line according to the leasing program should be tied to creation of domestic plant on production of combines or agricultural machinery.

"It is no secret that there is a lot of them, but generally they are engaged in screwdriver production, localization level of 20-25%. Now within the program we increase localizations for every year and are ready to support domestic agricultural mechanical engineering," Askar Myrzakhmetov said.

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