Kazakhstan Majilis approved amendments to the bill on culture
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Kazakhstan Majilis approved amendments to the bill on culture

30 November 2016 16:37

The Majilis of parliament of Kazakhstan during the plenary meeting approved the bill of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On modification and additions in some legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan concerning culture" in the first reading. The bill is drafted for the purpose of further enhancement of the sphere of culture, BNews.kz correspondent reported. 

"The bill is directed to enhancement of the legislation, further preserving and development of historical and cultural heritage, and also creation of conditions. The bill provides the solution of a number of the problems which are in the sphere of culture and historical and cultural heritage. First, the country has an unique state book chamber, legislatively its activities are regulated in accordance with general practice without specifics. With respect thereto, the individual clause is provided in the law "On Culture", we designate the main objectives and we provide provision of the obligatory complimentary copy for replenishment of fund. It is possible to tell that the bill sets the purpose to settle activities of this organization," the member of the committee on an economic reform and regional development of Majilis of parliament, the deputy Maira Aysina said.

Presenting amendments, the deputy noted that changes in the bill will eliminate a number of defects.

"Secondly, last year the organization of education in the field of culture are transferred to entering of Kazakhstan Ministry of Sport and Culture authorized body and it is very correct, the situation around the world. With respect thereto in 2015 the relevant amendments were made, but at the same time some important moments, such as transfer to competence ISS of distribution and placement of the state educational order for training of specialists, organization of rules of the organization and implementation of educational and scientific and methodical work weren't considered. This bill eliminates these collisions," she specified.

Under the third point the deputy Aysina noted that the bill "in addition provides expansion of such vital issues as creation of the electronic catalog of museum fund in the country and examination of the precious metals and stones which are in fund of the museum". And also issue of museum references to physical persons and legal entities.

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