Parliament of Kazakhstan adopted Law on republican budget for 2017-2019
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Parliament of Kazakhstan adopted Law on republican budget for 2017-2019

23 November 2016 16:15

The Majilis agreed with amendments of the Senate of Kazakhstan to the bill «On the republican budget for 2017-2019 years," correspondent reports.

"The bill "On the Republican Budget for 2017-2019 years" is considered at the plenary session of the Senate of Kazakhstan on November 17 the current year. The senate made 27 amendments, one of them assumes decrease in revenues of the budget for 1,8 billion tenge as Almaty amount of the budget withdrawals is reduced, 13 amendments offer redistribution of an account part of the republican budget for 2017 in the total amount of 26 billion tenge due to reducing means of government reserves," deputy of Majilis of Kazakhstan Omarkhan Oksikbayev said at the plenary session of the lower house.

He noted that 13 amendments do not influence to the total amount of the republican budget of 2017-2019 years as it is connected with redistribution of allocated funds between administrators of the budget programs, also changes and additions made to a text part of the bill.

"Thus, means in total amount 26 billion tenge are redistributed for 2017 during consideration of this bill in the Senate. These means are redistributed on the solution of priority tasks, such as construction of water supply and gas supply objects, road repairs, leading of infrastructure for a construction of apartment houses, carrying out the international symposium and the literary biennial, acquisition and distribution of socially significant literature and others," O. Oksikbayev said.

Majilismen unanimously agreed with changes and additions of the Senate of Kazakhstan in this bill.

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