Small and medium business in Kazakhstan exposed to unreasonable checks - Senate deputy
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Small and medium business in Kazakhstan exposed to unreasonable checks - Senate deputy

24 November 2016 16:22

Today in the Senate of parliament of Kazakhstan in the Committee on Economic Policy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development the meeting with the Ministry of national economy, NPP Atamen and other interested persons concerning the state support of small and medium business is held. According to head of committee Askar Beysenbayev one of problems are unreasonable checks, correspondent reported.

"Today the share of medium and small business in Kazakhstan constitutes only 25% of GDP. It, we consider, not the level of our state, there shall be much more. The head of state set for us the task that by 2050 this level was at least 50% of GDP. In developed countries this level reaches 40-90%. Than the level of small and medium business is more - the state is considered that more steady and developed," the deputy of the Senate Askar Beysenbayev sounded.

It is known that small and medium business is more flexible to challenges of the external environment. Including crises. Therefore in difficult years thanks to small and medium business the economy of such countries as Japan, Germany, America rose. In the last one the share of small business, especially in the sphere of innovatively new services reaches 60%. In this respect, as A. Beysenbayev noted, "Kazakhstan has opportunities to grow". It allocated the main problems, one of which - unreasonable checks.

"They can be broken into several categories. The first - complexity of opening and closing of business. The second - availability to financial resources, that is receipt of the credit. Today absence at small business of mortgage base for some makes the credit impossible. Today in this direction certain works are made. At the same time it should be noted reasonable and unreasonable checks. According to the State Office of Public Prosecutor of 54% falls to the share of business. From them 74% of checks fall on small business. Figures speak for themselves. Therefore we shall support small business. Our main goal - to develop the necessary provisions of the law which would eliminate the bureaucratic barriers which are available today. The ministry the new strategic development program prepares, I think that we will take active part in it," the deputy assured.

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