Nursultan Nazarbayev: The most important is to do what improves the life of people(VIDEO)
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Nursultan Nazarbayev: The most important is to do what improves the life of people(VIDEO)

25 November 2016 10:54

On the official page of Akorda in Facebook video fragment from an interview of the Head of state to Bloomberg news agency is published. Nursultan Nazarbayev has answered questions of journalists of the term of board and what he thinks of policy of the new U.S. President - Donald Trump.

On a question of the term of board, the President of Kazakhstan answered that the Constitution of Kazakhstan gives an opportunity further to announce the candidacy for president, however, what will be in 2020 depends on many factors.

"It is difficult to assume longevity of the person. I work long ago, you know it and I receive criticism for it. The question is how effective your work is, you bring benefit the activities to the people or you don't bring. Therefore if to speak about our laws and the Constitution, then it allows me to propose the candidature further, but what will be in 2020 I cannot  tell because it depends on many factors," the President concluded.

Also the President of Kazakhstan spoke concerning Donald Trump's victory on elections in the USA, having noted that he supports his policy.

"It is pleasant to me that he is (Donald Trump, - an editor's note) against fragmentation of the world economy," the President said. "If charisma is followed by knowledge of the case and you have a program, and you come to this power to make something, and you have this plan in the head and there are people with whom you can do it – I recognize charisma – it is useful, to lead people. I think that this is not most important. To do the most important for the people, for the state what improves their life strengthens the state and the country," the Head of state said.

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