APK: The declaration is a proof of the developed state
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APK: The declaration is a proof of the developed state

25 November 2016 12:14

The adopted declaration is the adopted experience of all developed states of the world that is the proof of our success, members of Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan of Almaty said during the meeting in support of the declaration of the 25 anniversary of independence of the country adopted by parliament, BNews.kz correspondent reported.

Heads of ethnocultural associations of Almaty gathered in the symbolical place today - the House of friendship to express the opinion on importance of the document accepted by the country.

"The declaration of independence is adopted only by the developed states. According to the President, in the program of 2050 we shall enter 50 developed countries of the world and the declaration is that milestone which characterizes the developed states where the results for years of existence of the state are summed up - in this case 25 years of independence," the chairman of the Kazakhstan Russian cultural center of Almaty Vsevolod Lukashov noted.
The representative of Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan emphasized achievements which were reached by independent Kazakhstan for quarter of the century.

"First of all, for today we developed medicine, including medical tourism when citizens of other countries come behind receipt of highly skilled medical care here; we presided in OSCE, entrusted carrying out EXPO 2017, we were included as the non-permanent member into the UN, we have an accurate development program till 2050. We understand that in 25 years of work all ethnoses, all people of Kazakhstan made efforts for it and it should be noted President's role as Leader Nation as the person who resulted the country in international peace and harmony. Thanks to the development programs adopted by it, and we know where to move further," Lukashov added.

The vice-chairman of APK of Almaty Kazbek Mamsurov also spoke a positive role of the accepted historical document.

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