Ganja hosts meeting of UN SPECA council
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Ganja hosts meeting of UN SPECA council

23 November 2016 16:34

The 11th Session of the Governing Council of the UN Special Programme for the Economies of Central Asia and SPECA Economic Forum with participation of the Kazakhstan delegation takes place in Ganja, correspondent reports.

At a forum in which more than 100 government agents, the agencies and the international organizations of various countries participate the memorandum of economic cooperation will be signed.

Speaking at an action, the deputy secretary-general of the United Nations Christian Friis Bach, noted that quality education, poverty eradication, ensuring gender equality, fight against climat changes are the basic principles of the special program of the UN. 

"All tasks of this program set for the participating countries are expected to be performed by 2030," Friis Bach told.

In turn the deputy minister of economy of Azerbaijan Sakhil Abbasov told that Azerbaijan since 2002 is a member of this program of the UN for development of economy.

"With many participating countries of SPECA Azerbaijan has harmonious relations in a bilateral order. This forum will allow our countries to develop relations in a multilateral order," he said.

Kazakhstan at a forum is represented by delegation headed by the director of the department of international cooperation of the ministry of national economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kayrat Torebayev.
Speakers noted need for strengthening of a cooperation between Central Asia and other Asia to achieve sustainable development, especially in the context of the arising threats connected with global financial instability, food and energy crises.

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