50 people evacuated because of fire in Shopping Center MEGA Tau in Almaty
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50 people evacuated because of fire in Shopping Center MEGA Tau in Almaty

1 December 2016 15:57

In Almaty because of short circuit of an electrical wiring, an ignition in shopping center "MEGA Tau" has occured. As a result of poisoning with products of burning the seller suffered who is sent to city hospital now, BNews.kz correspondent reported.

"On December 1, 2016 at 1:53 pm the DES of Almaty received the message on short circuit of an electrical wiring in the MEGA Tau. The first fire-fighting crews arrived to the place in 5 minutes - at 1:58 pm. By the time of arrival of firemen the situation was following: strong smoke in the basement was observed. On the air shaft smoke spread to the 3 and 4 floors," official representative of DES of Almaty Sandugash Baymukhambetova reported. 

From the building 50 people of visitors and employees of shopping center were evacuated. During smoke in shopping center the seller of 1989 year of birth Akhmetkaliyev S. got poisoning with products of burning. At the moment the victim is brought to the hospital. Also it became clear that the basement burned.

"The head of fire extinguishing established burning of the shop on production of food in the basement. The fire is localized at 2:38 pm and liquidated at 2:54. The raised rank of the fire didn't prove to be true. The fire area constituted 30 sq.m.," the message DES of Almaty said.

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