Rewarding of famous figures of Kazakhstan took place in Akorda

Rewarding of famous figures of Kazakhstan took place in Akorda

13 December, 11:26 208
Rewarding of famous figures of Kazakhstan took place in Akorda

On the eve of a country Independence Day a big group of citizens for the significant contribution to social, economic and cultural development of the country were awarded by the Presidential decree of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Akorda's press service reports.

On the eve of a country Independence Day the Presidential decree of the Republic of Kazakhstan a big group of citizens for the significant contribution to social and economic and cultural development of the country, strengthening of friendship and cooperation between the people, vigorous public work is awarded by the state awards.

Prominent representatives of the production sphere, business, education, health care, military personnel, law enforcement officers, athletes, veterans of war and labour, cultural figures and sciences are among them.

"Kazakhstannyn Enberk Eri" rank is given to chairman of the board of JSC National Center of Neurosurgery Akshulakov S. K. and to CEO of Karasu LLP in Kostanay region Tursunov A. Zh. for outstanding achievements in economic, social and humanitarian development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

«Otan» award was given to president of JSC Stroiconstruktciya in Astana Buller V. D., «Barys» award of І degree to head of Presidential Administration Dzhaksybekov A. R. and chairman of the Supreme Court Mami K. A., «Barys» award of ІI degree to instructor-athlete of Republican State Enterprise «Directorate of regular national teams and sports allowance" Gabidullina Z. R., adviser of the president of JSC Kazak Temir Zholy National Company Galimov F. H., president of «National academy of sciences of Kazakhstan» Zhurinov M., chairman of Committee of national security Masimov K. K., ambassador of Kazakhstan in Russia Tazhin M. M., director of Institute of the public and local authority of Academy of public administration under President Fedotova Z. L., «Barys» award of ІII degree to journalist, public figure Bekbosyn A., vice-chairman of the Senate Beknazarov B. A., chairman of the board of directors of «Bazis» Holding Company LLP Belovich A. Ya., composer Korazbayev A., responsible secretary of Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan Korzhova N. A., first deputy chairman of Nur Otan party Kul-Muhammad M. A., president of SAUTS-OIL LLP of the Southern Kazakhstan region Seitzhanov S., CEO of Agrofirma of Akmolinsky region Ualiyev B. T., academician Sharmanov T., chairman of the board JSC Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan LLP Shayakhmetova U. B. and others.

"Parasat" award was given to the famous scientists, the cultural figures, representatives of the production sphere among which rector of Turan university Alshanov R. A., actor Akhimov D. T., director of Ulttyk Oner LLP Burmistrova T. N., president of JSC Aluminium of Kazakhstan Esenzhulov A. B., writer Zhiyenbay T., director of "Ensemble of classical music "Kamerat Kazakhstana" Murzabekova G. K., director of Senek LLP in Mangystau region Nauryzmaganbetov K., president of OF "Eurasian human rights center" Nurgaliyeva E. N., CEO of Taiynsha-Astyk LLP of the North Kazakhstan region Rafalsky A. B., president of the Union of architects Rustembekov A. I., actors of the Kazakh state academic drama theater of M. Auezov Tastanbekov K. and Tasybekova T., poet Turginbekula S.

Chairman of OO "Checheno-Ingush ethnocultural combining "Vainakh" of the Karaganda region Dzhanayev U. H., artistic director of "Zhastar Teatry" of Astana Zhakypbay N., president of ROO "National engineering academy of Kazakhstan" Zhumagulov B. T., professor of "Scientific center of obstetrics, gynecology and perinatology" Kayupova N. A., director of "State republican Korean theatre of the musical comedy" Ni L.A., professor of "Kazakh national medical university of S. Asfendiyarov" Ormantayev K. S., singer Rymbayeva R. K., writer Seisenbayev R., vice-chairman of public organization of Kazakhs of Mongolia "Fellow countrymen" Taukeyula S. and others are awarded with "Dostyk" award.

72 workers and toilers of the industry, transport, construction, agricultural industry and other industries of production of goods received “Enbek Danky” award of III degree.

The honorary title "Kazakhstannyn enbek sinirgen kairatkeri" is given to 53 prominent representatives of science, culture and social sphere. The certificate of honor of the Republic of Kazakhstan awarded 539 people.

For the model execution of a military and office duty, courage and dedication shown in case of law enforcement, strengthening of national security of the country group of the servicemen and law enforcement officers received “Dank” of I and II degree, “Aibyn” of I and II degree, “Erligi ushin” and “Zhaungerlik erligi ushin” awards.

Lists of winners will be published in a local press.

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