Selfie parks to appear in Astana

Selfie parks to appear in Astana

10 January, 09:52 107
Selfie parks to appear in Astana

There is a new trend in “greening” of city - selfie parks in the capital. Pretty soon, three new parks with a special sculpture for the selfie will be built, reports.

The first and largest park will be located at the intersection of Jenis prospect and Dzhangildin Street. Its area is more than 3,000 sq.m. Another one with more than 2,000 sq. m. will be on the Saryarka prospect.

 The plantings and grass lawns will take up a third of areas. The others will be under the tracks, benches and equipment. Also there will be special chips for taking photos.

Based on the project, the decoration theme will be the music. The documentation, which recently passed the expertise of the Natural Resource Department in Astana, explains the use of double bass, piano and other instruments for selfie. However, the visitors will be able to use them for its real purpose, for example, the metal anti-vandal drum or xylophone.

It’s still unknown if the residents of nearby houses like the authorities` idea. May be they want to relax in silence.

The third park will be arranged on Moldagulova Street, in the area between Jenis prospect and Potanin Street. It is focused on children's leisure. There will be a sandbox, slides and house-maze. Apparently it will be a favorite place for selfie.

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