Spanish travelers who stuck in Kazakhstan returned home

Spanish travelers who stuck in Kazakhstan returned home

16 February, 17:53 209

Travelers José Calderón and Patricia Perez reached native Spain, correspondent reported. The Land Rover Santana car of 1982 release which was repaired in Uralsk sustained a long way this time.

On February 13 Spaniards reached the city of Estepona. From there Patricia Perez contacted by e-mail.

"Good morning from Estepona. The end of our adventures. We arrived home. The way to Spain was long, but we reached well. During a trip we had small damages of a car, but José repaired everything. We thank Ural residents for the help and we hope to return there again," Patricia Perez wrote.

In confirmation of the words Patricia sent several photos with views of native Spain. Now the temperature there is about 18 degrees of heat.

Let's remind, the Spanish travelers, having passed 13 countries and 16,000 kilometers, but they couldn't overcome Kazakhstan. Their car has broken. They could repair it only 5 days later. For this purpose it was necessary to order a distributing shaft at the local plant "Zenit". However and after that the car didn't want to be started in any way. It was necessary to warm her by means of a blowtorch. Local mechanics have advised Spaniards not to continue a travel to India and to come back home.

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