Sponsor for transportation of seriously ill baby to India found

Sponsor for transportation of seriously ill baby to India found

14 December, 10:52 202
Sponsor for transportation of seriously ill baby to India found

The seriously ill baby from Astana will be brought to India, the head of 'DOM' charity foundation Aruzhan Sain said in the Facebook account, BNews.kz reported.

Parents of the seriously ill three-year-old patient Ansar Kalel from Astana can't achieve his emergency transportation by ambulance aircraft to India. Let's remind, the child's diagnosis is bronchiolitis obliterans, DN 2 degrees, pulmonary hypertensia, pneumofibrosis, pulmonary heart. The family with the child was directed to foreign treatment (change of lungs) to India,  Fortis clinic to Chennay, they were given a quota. However it doesn't include transportation and social activists addressed citizens for search of transport.

"There is a plane!!! Rakhimbayev Aydyn (Aydyn Rakhimbayev) Thanks a lot!!! Just HUGE!!!

We looked for the plane for transportation of Ansar Kalel who needs transplantation of lungs, to India, clinic Fortis to Chennay as the child on the Medical ventilator, can't breathe without IVL. By rules of transportation, the passenger plane trip can't take aboard an oxygen cylinder and the device IVL, the private board is necessary. Yesterday with despair we asked the help here, on Facebook. 

Now Aydyn Rakhimbayev called me, the head of BI Group also told that he with pleasure will give help to the child! Mother of Kalel Manshuk will learn about resuscitators, IVL, oxygen, etc.

About visas, date of a departure on readiness of visas.
We will conduct in return negotiations with the airport, Kaz-aeronavigatsiyey, etc. also.

Talgat Kozhakhmetov of Toty Amirova who helps, thanks a lot!!!" she wrote (the spelling and a punctuation of the author are kept).

Let's remind, Usenov' family asked the government of Kazakhstan to render assistance in the positive solution of this problem. Also they appealed to public agents to adopt the law which would permit to deliver abroad ambulance aircraft of nontransportable sick citizens.

The father of the child noted that if the child doesn't depart to India now, his transaction quota vanishes, it can be transferred to other child. Also, according to him, to use the homebuilt aircraft, about 80,000 dollars are necessary, plus there it is necessary to lease the suitable medical device.

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